Many patients want a radical change in their appearance, be it breast augmentation or liposuction. There are, however, many benefits to a subtle procedure. Some of the most popular benefits for patients include the fact that the process goes unnoticed, meaning that people notice only a particular change and nothing else. On the other hand, this strategic approach to cosmetic surgery applies to a large number of procedures.


Sometimes the result of a cosmetic surgery procedure seems “artificial.” Certain types of breast augmentation or reduction are, for example, readily detectable. The same can happen with liposuction, abdominoplasty or correction of various malformations. In these cases, the patient’s goal is, apparently, to obtain a noticeable difference.

The advantage is that the patient gets the desired appearance. What is sometimes less appreciated, however, is that people think that the intervention is evident. For many cosmetic surgery patients, all they want is a significant change in their appearance. For other patients, however, the fact that the intervention goes unnoticed is a considerable advantage.

What are the advantages of this approach? When the result is subtle, people will simply think that you are beautiful and that the changes they observe will be due to natural causes and not surgical intervention.

An approach that suits many

Subtle changes are not due for some procedures. For instance, plastic surgery of the face will be noticed because most people look at the face before all else. And, unless you plan on being away from people you know for a while, bruising and scarring may be evident.

Take the example of breast augmentation. Many believe that all women who undergo breast augmentation want bigger breasts, the type of breasts that attract a lot of attention. This thinking is not entirely accurate. In most cases, breast augmentation patients simply want balanced proportions.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation should be performed with finesse and subtlety. The key here is to use small or medium-sized implants. For women who opt for more modest implants (usually silicone, many also opt for breast lipofilling), the insertion pathways of possible implants are more numerous. Learn more about Dr. Zacharia on RateMDs.

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