Why you need to Train in CPR as a Parent.

The moment a child comes into the world as patents , people have a responsibility to see to it that the children grow into responsible human beings. In the process of growth the parent has a lot of influence the child, the way they do things, the way they think and the way they carry themselves hence its right to say that parents are the greatest teachers that a child will know. When it comes to moral values, children emulate what they see their parents do. It does not stop there because the children need more than just teachings from parents, they need the love and the affection that they can only get from their immediate caregivers. Time with the children matters a lot as a parent as that way you get to connect with them and understand them deeper and their personality as well.

Spending time with your children allows you to correct them where they go wrong and it’s a chance to show them a better way. When with your children at home some emergencies could happen and as a parent it would be of great help if you made yourself familiar with some basic response to emergencies such as health. It would explain why parents with children are training to offer CPR to their children as it could be the difference between keeping the child in a safe condition until they get medical help. Training in CPR allows the caregivers to master the skills needed to perform the procedure as well as understand when it should be performed.

The CPR techniques used on a child are not similar to those of an adult. Child CPR therefore needs to be done in adherence to detail as you don’t want to harm a child while in an effort to help them. Blood flow is crucial for all the organs in the body , performing CPR ensures that no damage comes to those organs as blood flow will be kept constant preventing damage. As a parent having CPR certification gives you the confidence to respond to your child when there is an emergency situation. In the modern day CPR comes together with first aid training as that would allow the parent to attend to life threatening situation of a child.

Children need to understand when to perform CPR on their children, this is identifying emergency situations. Near drowning , cases of electrical shock and smoke intoxication are emergency situations to use CPR. CPR needs to be performed when you identify minimal signs of life on your child. In an instance where you have performed CPR and restored the child into the proper condition , you need to take them to a doctor and have them checked just to ensure that they are in a good state of health.

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