Things You Would Need to Know About Rubber

Some people will always associate rubber with tires, erasers, and elastic bands but would need to know that rubber tends to be used in making very many products. One would need to remember that the demand for rubber cannot be met by the natural rubber alone. Bearing in mind that natural rubber cannot close the demand for rubber, artificial rubber tends to come in to close the remaining gap.

One would need to begin by noting that there are two types of rubber which include synthetic rubber and natural rubber. While natural rubber is extracted from plants, synthetic rubber tends to be made in firms. While natural rubber and synthetic rubber tends to have so much in common, they tends to have their own differences.

Natural rubber tends to be tapped from plants which tends to be tapped as a runny milky white liquid. There are tens of plants that can be used to tap rubber but rubber plant tends to be the most commonly used type of plant. Natural rubber tends to be composed of third water and third rubber particles which tends to be suspended of colloidal suspension.

It is also possible to make synthetic rubber in a laboratory. Among the chemicals used to make synthetic rubber include hydrochloric acid as well as acetylene. Most of the uses of rubber tends to be dictated by the chemical properties of rubber. One may not have to know of any real world use of rubber but would always guess right the moment he or she knows the chemical properties of rubber. Rubber tends to be stretchy and at the same time durable, strong, and waterproof. Even when is guessing, he or she would easily guess uses such as waterproof clothes, and boots, sticking plasters as well as adhesives.

100% of tires tends to be made of rubber making the automobile industry consume about 50% of rubber in the world. A wheel tends to be made of the outer rubber which is harder and vulcanized while the inner rubber tends to be softer and does not allow air to pass through. One would need to know that rubber is used in making a wide range of materials especially due to its wide range of structure.

The softer rubber tends to be used in making protective gloves, adhesives, pencil erasers, balloons among other materials. On the other hand, harder rubbers tend to be used in making garden ponds, inflatable boats among other uses. Harder rubber tends to be used to make electrical cables, and fibre optic cables’ jackets as well as heat pipes.

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