Advantages of On Call Neurology

Neurology is a science dealing with the treatment and diagnosis of the central nervous system which can include blood vessels and the effector tissues like the muscle. A person who has studied and is specialized in neurology is called a neurologist. There are different types of neurological diseases and some of these diseases can affect the whole body system of an individual. You can be able to learn more about the different types of brain diseases and how to handle them by reading a lot of neurological books. Having a proper diet, eating essential fatty oils and increasing vitamin B intake are some of the little things you can do to prevent neurological diseases. Doing these things can help you a lot though they are not enough.

Through learning some of the neurological disorders, you can also learn how to handle some of them. One of the conditions that can affect the brain is a traumatic brain injury. Here, the brain gets damaged due to either a fall, car accident, blow to the head or even an assault. At the site of the injury, the brain bounces off the skull and causes a bruise on the brain. Now that the brain has been hit hard, blood vessels can rupture causing immediate swelling of the brain. Blood vessels and tissues in the brain are compressed because of the increase in the swelling which causes lack of enough transportation of oxygen and other nutrients to the brain. Hyperbaric oxygen helps in the healing process of the bruise in the brain because it helps in the formation of new blood vessels and tissues to the affected part of the brain with low oxygen saturation. Lack of enough oxygen in the brain can make the brain cells to start becoming dysfunctional and all the cells can eventually die off leading to the death of an individual. Hyperbaric oxygen is used to reverse the process whereby the areas in the brain with dying cells are supplied with enough oxygen to make them start rebuilding themselves.

Stroke is another example of a brain injury or disease. Stroke is a condition where a clot forms in the blood vessels resulting in lack of enough supply of blood and vital nutrients to the brain. This lack of enough oxygen and nutrients in the brain can eventually lead to the death of the affected person.

On call neurology can provide you with fast access to the critical information and things to do in case an emergency or a need arises. On call neurology offers evaluation, examination, diagnosis and treatment planning of a brain condition or disease when one is faced with a situation. It gives you one by one information on patient examination review, common diagnostic tests and offers any assistance needed.

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